Thursday, January 13, 2011

Celebrating with the Handmade Movement

I try, as often as possible, to purchase handmade items. Being a handcrafter myself with Pink Sunset Jewelry Designs, I understand the reasons for buying handmade and the quality and love that goes into creating handmade items. Handmade items are usually born of a love and enjoyment for actually making the items. Selling them is a secondary outcome. I know in my case, I started amassing all this jewelry I was making. I mean, I couldn't wear it all.  You feel that love when you buy handmade. Yes, times are hard and I'm sure we could all find things "cheaper" made in a third world sweatshop. Which brings me to another point. When I am in a commercial store, browsing at jewelry, I am saddened at the low prices, not for my fear of competition, but because I know the time and work that goes into making that jewelry. 99% of jewelry cannot be machine made. So someone had to put it together.
Buying handmade also promotes the "little guy" and the struggling Artist. There are so many talented Artisans. We want folks to enjoy our talents and crafts. I have a shop on Artfire. I chose it for it's committment to handmade and the true sense of community. You can purchase just about anything handmade there. From jewelry to home decor to fine art. From clothing to stationary to candy to bath. The items are endless.

Here's a collection of party items, all handmade. No need to shop at a commercial party supply store. You can get handcrafted customized party supplies on Artfire. Click on the View This Collection button to see more.

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Linda Landig said...

Handmade ROCKS!!! And ArtFire is an awesome place for shoppers as well as artisans.
Thank you so much for including an ad for Linda Landig Jewelry. I really appreciate it!