Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Product Packaging Does Matter

I buy alot of handmade items online. I have to admit that I have made some observations about how I percieve the product and it's crafter from the moment I open the wrapper. I have opened things that were wrapped in a piece of newspaper and thought wow, haphazard with not much care or attention to the product. Then I have opened packages with cute and cohesive packaging. Little boxes or organza bags decorated with a ribbon,  handmade labels, thank you notes and business cards, invoices, etc. When I recieve the latter, it leaves me with the impression that the seller takes great time and care while processing their orders. I can infer from this that they do the same while crafting their product.
This got me to thinking about what first impression my items give the buyer when they recieve it.

Currently, I include:

*The product, usually in an organza bag or plain jewelry box
*the invoice (I usually include a handwritten thank you)
*a couple of business cards
*a postcard with a discount code for the next purchase
*a beaded jewelry care sheet

All of the above is wrapped in tissue then bubble wrap and either sent in a bubblewrap envelope or flat rate box, depending on what the customer chooses.

My goals for future orders are to make stickers to attach to the boxes, tags to hang from the organza bags and small notecards for the personal thank yous. I think I may add pillow boxes for my packaging.
I'm going to try to apply my brand to all of them.

How do you package and ship your items? What do you include?


Rhiannon said...

I usually put the customer's purchase in a small white jewelry box after wrapping it in some tissue paper. I include 2 business cards, a coupon for money off their next purchase, a handmade thank you note-let and a free postcard. Sometimes I gift wrap the box if the customer would like it wrapped.

Lesley aka Simply Rhiannon

Renae said...

Thanks for the info on how you package I am always thinking of things to do better! Also thanks for posting my artfire ad on your blog it is appreciated!

:) Renae