Monday, September 24, 2012

Artisan Silk Ribbon Wrap Bracelets

Here is my new line of yoga bracelets. They are made with hand dyed silk ribbon that I was able to get from another artist They have gorgeous ombre color patterns and the silk ribbon has finished edges to prevent fraying.

Each silk ribbon wrap bracelet has a cluster in the center. The cluster can include semi-precious gemstones, crystals, pearls and/or cubic zirconia. Each cluster also includes charms with empowerment symbols like Om, the elephant, peace signs, hamsa hands, tree of lifet, etc.

Each stone or element is hand wire wrapped in either copper, cold, silver or brass wire.

I love the look of these and they can be wrapped around the wrist up to 7 times. They also have and extender chain for the perfect fit.

The yoga bracelets are available in my Studio for $33 each. Click here for more information or to purchase.

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