Monday, September 24, 2012

Bead Weaving Masterpiece

This bracelet is a custom order. I have made a couple of them but this It's called a Capricho Bracelet and it is a very labor intensive design.

The bracelet actually has 2 layers. The first layer is made of thousands of seed beads woven, one at a time, in a net pattern. Then I go back and weave more seed beads and crystals onto the netted base. I am backed up with orders on this one, but I love making them. Here is the most recent creation.
The first layer is done and I'm adding  the crystals

The finished product.

The finished product...check out the sparkle!
Capricho Bracelet~~Bling!

And here are 2 others that I have done
Pearl Capricho Bracelet Bangle

Gold Crystal Capricho Bracelet

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